Animal friendly wall trophy

A ruler, a craft knife, an Assembli kit and a good deal of patience. That's what you need to create one of these beautiful paper animal heads. Assembli is a creative brand with a range of paper construction kits, including lamps, airplanes, and animal friendly wall trophys. read more » about Animal friendly wall trophy


Now that "green" influences are fully integrated in interior design, more and more examples of soft transitions between colours and materials pop up. Here are a few images that inspire me. From top to bottom: read more » about Diffuse


If you're on twitter and have a few creative bloggers on your timeline, you probably have noticed "hashtag" Creasint popping up more and more building up to december 5th. In November, blogger Imke from LoveJohnny sent out invitations to join this initiative in sending out handmade or handpicked (thrift) gifts to each other. About a week later a colourful enveloppe arrived telling me I "drew" Philomeen from A Girl Named Phil.
Philomeen has the online status of a Pinterest celebrity so first thing I did was check out her boards for inspiration. I collected a few images and figured she had a "thing" for pillows and clouds. I decided to try and make a friendly cloud pillow for her home. 

On december 5th "Sinterklaasavond" around 20.30 we all opened our packages and timelines were filled with tweets and pictures of beautiful wrapping and gifts. Coincidence had it that Philomeen also drew my name, and I received this lovely Hay towel with a vintage brooch attached. Thank you #Creasint!

To read more blogs about #creasint, have a look over at

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Geometric textiles

Mika Barr (Tel Aviv) is a textile designer who created a new kind of fabric. By using rubber coated cotton, the fabrics look like they are made of paper.
"Folding A-Part" is a series of textiles that fold, fracture and turn in three-dimensional ways,  along the printed patterns. The more the fabric is creased, the better the effect of the folded parts. read more » about Geometric textiles

Colour Masterclass by Studio IJM

A few weeks ago I followed a Colour masterclass by Studio IJM in their atelier in Amsterdam. During the class we met Frank and Astrid who explained their working methods and kindly guided us through their Amsterdam Studio. Literally everywhere you look, there is colour inspiration and 'lost and found" items from their numerous projects.

read more » about Colour Masterclass by Studio IJM

Meet The Blogger

This weekend I attended Meet The Blogger in Amsterdam; an international event for home-, design- and lifestyle bloggers.
It was a day full of inspiration, sharing knowledge and meeting many talented bloggers like Maria, Nina, Imke and Dee.
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Ok, just how cute are these Mugtails from the Japanese brand Kinto? These mugs come in different sizes, designed to match the size of the forest animals depicted in relief.

The tails of the different animals are on mat finished mugs, to use for your favourite drink. But they make a pretty good candleholder too. read more » about Mugtails


Today I'd like to share with you the birth announcement I made for our daughter Evie. She was born in October which is why we wanted to use Fall colours like dark brown and red. The name Evie translates as "the start of life" and is the main thought for this card printed on growing paper; double layered organic paper filled with seeds. read more » about Evie

The Obliteration Room

I love it when an interior design or art project embraces user participation. In this installation for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, artist Yayoi Kusama created a completely white living space, serving as a giant canvas. In the next two weeks, the museum's smallest visitors were invited to sticker it in thousands and thousands of coloured dots. read more » about The Obliteration Room

From storage loft to bedroom #2

As a rule, refurbishinging your own home never goes as planned... So from this point of view I shouldn't be surprised that we ended up doing exactly what we said we wouldn't do.... read more » about From storage loft to bedroom #2


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